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It was worth the wait. I waited about 15 mins past my appointment but the customer service was great. I do know the person before me was very sick and needed extra attention. I would definitely go back (hopefully I won’t have to). There was a lady that was super nice, I think her name was Angie or Angela something like that.


Exquisite services! Front desk was very helpful.

Sophie Moran

The service was very professional and courteous.
Lashawnder Kirkland

Recently, My Wife and I were in an accident, a Big Truck hit us on the Expressway. As result, our Doctor needs the best in diagnostic information.
Nothing beats an MRI for that (Magnetic resonance imaging)
This test provides lots of detailed, concise, 3D images for your physicians interpretations. This information together with other tests and examinations will assist the Doctors in their diagnosis and your subsequent treatments. And your recovery. MRI images are highly detailed in high contrast, like X-RAYS of the Future!

After filling out all the paperwork, and a short office wait, you go into a changing room. You must remove All your clothes and jewelry and ANY metal objects. Leave your Phone ..(God no!) And all your belongings behind in the changing room. Which is locked as you leave You’ll be in the height of fashion, wearing.. only your .. little white Hospital gown. You know the type, with the OPEN back that’s tied with the string! Watch out !! Can’t you Feeeeel that draft?!

After you enter the MRI room. No metal allowed. The guy told me that metal would get sucked into the magntomiter, I envisioned a whirling “Black Hole” pent up inside this thing, Just waiting for someone wearing metal to come along…Hahahaha..

Hold on..!! You actually need me to get inside that little thing? Holy claustrophobia Batman. And what’s that you’re also saying?? This thing could be REALLY loud ? So use these ear plugs? The guy was really nice, and gave me a little emergency button to press while I was in the belly of the Beast..just in case I couldn’t take it anymore. I thanked the MRI Technician for candy coating the experience to come for me. Go ahead I can take it, I told him. “Great sir, I’m glad you’re up for it” he said ..”I just need you to ALSO wear this GIANT restrictive collar device during the whole procedure”. Oh boy.
In was really like being wedged into the tiny hole of a piece of Swiss cheese with a lawnmower on your head while wearing an cone dog collar for 20 minutes. Yup, that’s all.
Cool I’m in!

I just closed my eyes during the process and went away to my happy place for awhile. This really helps, because the reality of having a GIANT loud magnet spinning around your head isn’t enjoyable. But while the experience wasn’t comfortable it was tolerable and definitely not terrible.

After the procedure you return to the changing room for your clothes and personal effects. A nice limo was waiting in the parking lot to return us home. Done…
easier than we thought. Thanks again to the Staff and Doctors at FAST Care ! We’ll have our results soon.

Jim D.